…we need YOU to decide…


As you know, we leave the decision on the winners completely up to you, the community! You rate other users’ ideas which go consequently higher and lower in ranking due to your votings.

You might have noticed that currently only a handful of users share the winning positions. We already added the Contest Rule, that one idea in various versions counts as only one idea, what means that one idea can only win one prize.

We would like to ask all of you now (not only registered users but mainly everyone who is interested in Jovoto!), how different ideas from one user should be handled when it comes to giving the prizes. Should a user with many highly rated ideas within the twenty first positions win more than one prize? Or do you think, that one user should just win the highest prize if he occupies more winning positions in the ranking?

Let us know, what you are thinking! The decision is up to you!

Speaking of decisions: You can submit ideas for the logo contest for one more week (deadline is 31 May!) and vote for your favorite ideas until 10 June!

Bastian Unterberg

Bastian founded jovoto in 2007 to establish a more open, social, and collaborative workplace for creative talent as many of today's work environments do not match the DNA of the next generations of talent.




    to say that one design can only win one price is only fair… even if more work had been done on it and it elaborated into something new… as a matter of fact i had tried to take down several of my multiple versions and upload them into the best rated folder, but i failed to do so…
    can you help?

    furthermore, i think that the one who did a lot of work and handed in many concepts should also be rewarded for them – the more highly rated designs – the more prices and fame. to me it would feel unfair, if someone like highlandbagpiper e.g., who had done so much work on this would only receive one price… thats my opinion


    I totally agree with your opinion.
    it’s about the ideas itself and if somebody puts in more effort or is more creative or has more time or whatever this should be rewarded.

    i agree too! the more you put in the more you should get out of it. simple as that!


    i agree with msb too.

    but there is another question about the ranking system.. how do you handle two or more ideas with exactly the same rating. what are the other criterias? time and date? the number of votes? the number of votes for or against? or by alphabet?

    keep up the good work!

    maybe something to be considered when it comes close to the reward-places. e.g. person 1 comes in the first 19 positions with ideas that all have 7 stars and more. his 20th idea was rated 6 stars by exactly the same amount of for-and-against votes with person 2. person 2 only submitted one idea.


    You can be sure, that the decision won’t be based on alphabetic order! Plus: the number of ideas submitted won’t influence the decision either. A person who submits just one idea might as well win the first prize.
    So far, all ratings have been clear and distinct!
    Thanks for your thoughts!!


    i just wanted to know what the criterias are, when two ideas have exactly the same rank. no offence – just interest 😉


    no offence taken 😉
    We actually have a digit system that makes it very, very hard for two ideas to reach the exact same ranking.

    The rating system is based upon an algorithm which is called true Bayesian estimate. Out modified algorithm calculates nothing but placed votes by the community users.

    Dorothea is right if she mentions our complex digit system by which it is very hard to exactly get the same rating for two ideas.

    And to make sure it’s a fair process we have a close look at all ratings placed by the community users once the contest is closed. If we find any manipulation (f.e. if a user rates any other idea as a bad idea) we’ll get in contact with the person and probably withdraw all his/her votes and/or delete his/her submissions as well.

    It will be interesting to preserve the current Rate and put again all accounts to Cero.
    The second Rate is important because we all had voted some designs that in a second chance we do not vote again for it.
    Its nice to vote seeing all finished works.