Thank you for 2016: Celebrating your success and a sneak peak


Congratulations, another year in the jovoto history book has been written, and we did it together! Now as the year draws to an end, it’s the best time to reflect and celebrate all we’ve accomplished!

So what has happened this year?

  • You have successfully completed 66 projects, and earned over €674 500 in awards– more than any year before!
    Make it rain!

    Make it rain! This year we paid out more than double than last year.

  • You’ve connected with dozens of clients, represented jovoto and presented your work at the Mercedes-Benz accelerator program, rocked workshops with Deutsche Bank and with Festool, and presented at our Future of Food event in Berlin. Plus you’ve travelled to Tokyo, London & Berlin; and sailed the seas on Coboat while learning new skills and developing as creatives. (Wow!)

    Designer and jovoto creative, Bogdan Tanase-Marinescu being interviewed by German news at the jovoto “Future of Food” event.

  • You have delivered top-quality work in our new “Invite Only” projects, receiving €118 808 in guaranteed payments for your work. (Expect more of that in 2017!)
  • We’ve had an awesome makeover to our profile and signup pages – which is only the first step in an exciting roadmap of platform development.
  • We’ve introduced the Newcomer & Fairest Rater Awards to help new creatives in our community succeed and to create a fair working environment. Also, our new Halftime Awards encourage you to submit early, gain feedback and further develop your ideas.
  • We adjusted the award structure so you can earn more Client Choice Awards in each project, helping to make jovoto a more professional place to work.

So let’s celebrate our community and the people that have helped make it all possible! 

A big round of our applause for the best collaborators:


Thank you to mariya_vasileva, Corina Rosca and wildyracing for creating outstanding work by collaborating with other creatives from different corners of the world. Collaboration is at the core of what we do, and you really make 1+1=3 a reality. Thank you for spreading the jovoto spirit!

Hats off for the best feedback givers:


Thank you to jorkuff, JustaPR, joyleen, Xavier & Clari, who have all given great feedback to others that have helped them take their ideas to the next level. Feedback is also at the core of what we do, and by sharing your knowledge with others you make sure our community is constantly developing! 

A solid thanks, and high five to voilenalex for earning the most Client Choice Awards: 


Alexandru Voinescu (voinealex) while visiting the jovoto office

You manage to hit the nail on the head over and over again! Great insights, focus on the brief and finding the best solution to fit the client! (If you want to learn more about how Alex does it, read an interview with him here.) 

And a big cheer for mariya_vasileva, who won the most community awards:  

Last but far from least, thanks (again) to mariya_vasileva for creating amazing work that our community appreciates and looks up to!

Also! Thank you to all the additional fairest raters, newcomers, and halftime award winners. You all are a big part of making our platform a supportive, fair & diverse workplace for creatives worldwide!

So what can you expect in 2017?

  • Even more Invite Only projects with guaranteed payments, offering more you more stability to accompany the platform’s flexibility.
  • More learning possibilities with the launch of joCademy, a new initiative focusing on helping you succeed as an independent designer.
  • New vivid and detailed creative profiles with more opportunities to showcase your work. Here’s a little teaser:

    A little teaser of how the new profiles will look!

As for jovoto maturing and growing, we will continue to bring you the coolest clients and projects while developing new features that will make your everyday life on jovoto even better.

We are more excited and capable than ever before to build the workspace of the future for you and other creatives worldwide. Thank you for making 2016 a success. A happy new year from the whole jovoto team! 


Olof Ekman is Head of Community Management at jovoto and spends his time making the the jovoto experience as fun & pleasant as possible for it's community members!



    It had been amazing year for me too!
    Thanks Jovoto (Community & Project Guide) for all the opportunity your guys giving to me this year! I really appreciate all of your’s help that force me grow! Thank you very much!
    Finally, Happy Holiday & All the best to all of you in 2017!

    The new profile page looks great! Looking forward to 2017 🙂

    Haha such a cool article!:)) Can’t wait for the new projects to come and the JoCademy, it sounds really awesome!
    Also thank you guys for all your efforts in sustaining and developing this project in such a great way and wish you all Happy Hollidays, a Great, highly creative New Year to come and countless years of Jovoto ahead! All the best!

    Thank you Jovoto. Thanks also to Jess & Olof for always helping out promptly.
    I look forward to participating more in the new year. Happy holidays to everyone!

    Great year! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! All the best in new year for everyone!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone! Hope 2017 will be 10x better for everybody! 😀

    Great news, great year! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for everyone!

    Wondeful summary! Thanks jovoto for the huge acknowledgement and for being a great place for us, your creatives! Lets 2017 be even better! I wish Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!

    Thank you Jovoto, great summary! Happy New Year 2017 for all!

    Happy New Year, everyone!

    May the new year bring us more and more positive and pleasant moments, a lot of creativity! 🙂

    The article is a great summary, thank you jovoto! I can’t wait to see the new challenges ahead.

    Best wishes!