jovoto Meetups: Bucharest


Welcome to the “jovoto Meetups” series. What is that? At jovoto we believe that there is nothing better than meeting our creatives face to face.

Meetups are the best way to learn about your experience on jovoto, namely what we are great at and what we can (further) improve. If you, our creatives, don’t know our platform best, then who does?! And also of course, it is very cool to meet the person behind a username.

So, last month (May, 2016), since I (Diana) happened to be in Bucharest for a couple of days, and since Romania is, in size, our forth biggest community on jovoto (almost as big as the other previous two – Italy and UK), I jumped at the chance to meet some of our top creatives based in this wonderful city, and they were kind enough to join me.

Who was there? Corina Rosca, Architempo, additio, andreea, voinealex, bogdanelsiecheru and Epure Lazar Mihail. We enjoyed a few spring drinks in the open air and we talked about many things such as – the new prize structure on jovoto, project and client diversity, even more awesome briefs, collaborating, transparency, personal growth, the freedom of the creative process and the actual process when submitting on jovoto, and the list goes on. 😉




I have taken a lot of precious notes, from which, I am very sure, the entire community will benefit. For instance, that the new prize structure seems to be more fair, so that’s cool. They are also pretty happy with the current client (brand) diversity, however, even cooler would be to also have some local clients, such as the Bucharest Municipality – Why not? Who has a lead on that? 😉

There was a big desire for more architecture projects – wink to our sales team, and an excitement to find out how other people work on jovoto. So we will probably pick up on that last one very soon.

Thank you all (seven) for showing up, for the great conversation and vibe!

Keep an eye on jovoto and our trips. Who knows? We might be soon in your town as well- And of course, if you’re ever in Berlin, come on by!



    Looks great! Would love to be part of a jovoto meetup one of these days 🙂

    You coming by, James, or should we come to.. where? 🙂

    I would really like to join the next meetup in Bucharest. Just now heard about it and I’m really sorry that I missed it. Let me know if there will be any new ones coming soon! 😀

    Hi Tudor,

    Cool to hear that. Can you please send me an email with your username?

    Have an awesome day,

    Hello there,

    I would really to join the next meetup in Bucharest too. Today i found that platform and it’s amazing!

    Have a nice day,

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